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For Best Embedded, MATLAB, J2EE, ANDROID, .NET, ROBOTICS training with real time experience only at Stream Systems TECHNOLOGIES CHENNAI

Embedded Specialized

Basic Embedded system - Duration (30 - 40 Days) a. ATMEL, C, Basic Electronics
b. PIC, C, Basic Electronics
c. ARDINUO , C, Basic Electronics
d. C Programming Language
e. Interfacing GSM, GPRS, ,LCD, Keypad, RF Module and Sensors
Advanced in Embedded System - Duration (3 - 3.5 Months) a. ATMEL, PIC, C, Basic Electronics
b. ARDUINO, ATMEL, C, Basic Electronics
c. ARM 7, C, Basic Electronics
d. ARM 7 with memory card interfacing


Diploma in MATLAB
a. Introduction to MATLAB
b. Introduction to MATLAB Tools
c. Matrix Operation using MATLAB
d. Generation of Trigonometrically
   wave functions
e. Introduction to Simulink
f. Matlab in Digital Signal Processing
g. Digital Image Processing
h. Control System
i. Power Electronics

Core Java

Diploma in JAVA Programming
a. JAVA Basics
b. OOPS concepts
c. Looping & Arrays
d. Exception Handling
e. File Handling
f. Threading & Multi-threading
g. Collection Framework
h. Applets & Swings
i. SQL and PL/SQL or MySQL

Advanced Diploma in JAVA
b. JSP
c. Servlets
d. XML
e. MVC
f. Struts
g. Spring
h. Hibernate


Dotnet Programming
a. Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts
b. C# Programming fundamentals
c. Conditional and Iteration statements
d. Classes & objects
e. Inheritance and Polymorphism in
f. C# : Method Overriding and Method Hiding
g. Enumerations
h. Overloading and overriding operators
i. Structs and Namespace
j. Properties and Indexes
k. Delegates and Events
l. File System and Streams
m. Exception handling

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Embedded, Matlab, Arm, VLSI, Wireless Communication, Power electronics, Network security, NS2, Dot Net (ASP, ASPX, VB etc), Java, Oracle, mysql, Android, PHP.

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Project Training will include: Learning, Training, Case study, Presentations, Problem solving and Live Project Scenario